Head to head!



(Comparing results)
Nick YoungJim Mittan
2x2 single7.86
2x2 average9.03
Clock single12.23
Clock average13.36
3x3 average14.33
Square one single16.15
Square one average21.25
One handed average29.49
3BLD single1:50.58
5x5 average1:53.10
Megaminx single2:26.11
3BLD average2:28.19
Megaminx average2:33.65
Multiblind1 / 2 in 8:27
5x5 single1:40.74 4:04.55
4x4 average1:02.30 2:44.78
One handed single25.63 1:32.77
4x4 single55.18 2:00.92
3x3 single11.94 36.99
FMC average
4BLD average
5BLD average
6x6 average
7x7 average
Pyraminx average
Skewb average
FMC single
4BLD single
5BLD single
6x6 single
7x7 single
Pyraminx single
Skewb single

Based on data export from 2nd July 2024
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