About Nemesizer

A nemesis is someone who has a better official rank than you in every event you have officially participated in (both average and single). This site uses data from the WCA database to find nemeses for people. It is not officially affiliated with the WCA.
If you find a bug or have a feature request, please email it to bugs at nemesizer. At some point, there'll be a proper bug reporting facility here.

Note on cookies:
This site currently only uses one cookie, for storing your preference about Dark Mode. If you do not turn on Dark Mode, the site will not ever store or use any cookies.

Current known bugs and planned features:
  • Paging of results
  • Error handling
  • Show which events people beat me in, and by how much
  • Show which events I beat people in
  • Show me what I need to do to stop person X from nemesizing me
  • Bug reporting button
  • Bug: doesn't handle people who only have DNFs very well
  • Filter by gender
  • Improve mobile experience
  • Nemesis alerts: email me when I gain / lose a nemesis
  • Ranking of people by the strongest person they nemesize
  • Comparisons between nemeses and sum of ranks / Kinch Ranks
  • Other stats... (e.g., list of people with zero nemeses who nemesize the fewest people
  • Smallest group of people whose combined results nemesize someone who is not nemesized by one individual
  • Print mode
  • Recommendations (how to nemesize more people or lose nemeses)
  • SQL export (for Sam)
  • Nemeses for subsets of results (e.g., averages only, blind only, only people who've competed recently, etc.)
  • Nemesis-free people who are closed to being nemesized.
  • Country nemeses DONE
  • Countries nemesized by people (and vice versa) DONE
  • Autocomplete of WCA IDs and names DONE
  • Who gets closest to nemesizing me if I have no nemeses? DONE. (To see this working, try searching for nemeses for someone that you know has no nemeses. Or go to stats and look at the people with the fewest nemeses).
  • Dark mode DONE (turn it on at the bottom of this page)
  • Make table of results horizontally scrollable -- particularly relevant for mobile devices with small screens DONE

Based on data export from 2nd July 2024
Please report bugs or feature requests to

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