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2013SAVA01 Harry Savage
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2014PETE03 Tobias Peter
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2013LINK01 Kaijun Lin (林恺俊)
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2013KEJR01 Aryan Kejriwal
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2015BART01 Luboš Bartík
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2014LOPE04 Antonio López
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2014WENW01 Wong Chong Wen
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2014IRIA01 Julen Simón Iriarte
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2012PARK03 Max Park
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2012SILV22 Israel Fraga da Silva
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2014RAJE03 Anish Rajesh
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2012HOLE01 Ray Leung Ka Ho (梁家浩)
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2008YOUN02 Michael Young
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2014GOSL01 Raymond Goslow
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2015ANTO04 Manuel Prieto de Antón
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2014STAR05 Charlie Stark
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2016IHLE01 Malte Ihlefeld
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2009PLES01 Michał Pleskowicz
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2015CHEA01 Andrey Che
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2015ZHAR01 Alexey Zharikov
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2015FUSH01 Firstian Fushada
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2008OLLE01 Alexander Olleta del Molino
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2009BOZS01 Hunor Bózsing
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2013JOKI01 Kim Jokinen
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2015SANC18 José Antonio Navarro Sánchez
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2015BELJ01 Toni Beljo
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2009OLSO01 Christopher Olson
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2014STIN01 Jared Stinson
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2007VALK01 Mats Valk
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2011KOGL01 Jakob Kogler
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2012DELI01 Ryan DeLine
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2012BERG04 Nathaniel Berg
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2013GERH01 Kevin Gerhardt
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2012HUAN12 Ping-Yueh Huang (黃品越)
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2012HALE01 Callum Hales-Jepp
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2012QUIB01 Louie Jay Quibote
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2013KIMD01 Dohyun Kim (김도현)
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2015ROSE01 Daniel Rose-Levine
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2015BART05 Aiden Bartlett
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2015BROW03 Elijah Brown
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2015CHEN56 Yu-Kai Chen (陳宇楷)
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2016SIGG01 Graham Siggins
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2008CLEM01 Kit Clement
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2013NELS01 Tom Nelson
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2011YUBE01 Ben Yu
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2010SCHM01 Leon Schmidtchen
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2013UVES01 Mattias Uvesten
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2011ETTE01 Lucas Etter
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2013DIPI01 Guido Dipietro
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2014KARN02 Daniel Karnaukh
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2010WEYE02 Sebastian Weyer
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2014MRSK01 Dalibor Mrška
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2016MART29 Artyom Martirosov
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2017NORR01 Timo Norrkniivilä
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2011CAOS01 Sheng Cao (曹晟)
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2014SEBA01 Juliette Sébastien
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2012CHOS01 SeungBeom Cho (조승범)
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2016PRZY01 Kamil Przybylski
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2016OCON02 Lucas O'Connell
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2010WANG53 Jiayu Wang (王佳宇)
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2016KYLE01 Benjamin Kyle
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2008JONG03 Jong-Ho Jeong (정종호)
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2007POLI01 Lorenzo Vigani Poli
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2012BILL01 Gregor Billing
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2014FRIT02 Oliver Fritz
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2011KOWA01 Marcin Kowalczyk
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2008JEWR01 Ryan Jew
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2016POLA01 Kyle Polage
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2013KOWA04 Igor Kowalczyk
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2009ZEMD01 Feliks Zemdegs
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2007OMUR01 Syuhei Omura (大村周平)
View Syuhei Omura (大村周平)'s WCA profile
2015ONOF01 Anuar Miguel Abib Onofre
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2009OHRN01 Laura Ohrndorf
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2010YAMA04 Yuki Yamamoto (山本祐輝)
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2011SAKO01 Corey Sakowski
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2009LIUE01 Evan Liu
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2011SALG01 Daniel Cano Salgado
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2012BEAH01 Ciarán Beahan
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2014BAIR01 Ray Bai
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2014CORD04 Freddy Fernández Córdova
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2015KUCA01 Carter Kucala
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2015ZHYD01 Vladyslav Zhydkov (Владислав Жидков)
View Vladyslav Zhydkov (Владислав Жидков)'s WCA profile
2012HAML01 Francisco Hamlin
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2013BOTZ01 Alexander Botz
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2016CHOI01 Min Yeong Choi
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2011NARA02 Bhargav Narasimhan
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2011WELC01 Walker Welch
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2011MAOS01 Shenchuan Mao (毛神川)
View Shenchuan Mao (毛神川)'s WCA profile
2014OMIA01 Igor Ośmiałowski
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2014CAIJ02 Jack Cai
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2014GARC27 Arthur Garcin
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2011BANS02 Shivam Bansal
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2013GALA04 Pavel Galaktionov
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2015LOMA01 Fernando Lomazzi
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2011LAYE01 Saeed Mostafavi Layegh (سعید مصطفوی لایق)
View Saeed Mostafavi Layegh (سعید مصطفوی لایق)'s WCA profile
2012CALL01 Will Callan
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2012ARTH01 Noah Arthurs
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2015IVAN03 Oleksandr Ivanchak (Олександр Іванчак)
View Oleksandr Ivanchak (Олександр Іванчак)'s WCA profile
2015SERO02 Ernest Seroczyński
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2010KRYU01 Dmitry Kryuzban
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