Who has the most nemeses in the world?
2010PETR02 Isabella Petri
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2009URBA02 Lucito Urbano
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2017POLK02 Lilianna Polkowska
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2013MILO01 Filip Milosavljević
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2008YANG07 Ye Na Yang
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2017KUMA54 Vikrant Kumar
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2018CHOW01 Shahida Akhter Chowdhury
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2017SALI08 Victor Hugo Mantilla Salinas
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2017BISH03 Soam Dev Bishoyi
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2017KHAL01 Meriam Ben Khalifa
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2014SOMA01 Mukesh Somani
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2011GOVI02 Ramesh Govindarajan
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2011MICH01 Egon Micheelsen
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2016GUPT19 Pranjali Gupta
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2017MEHT04 Aarav Mehta
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2011PRAT03 Kush Pratap
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2011CHUA01 Cheah Tzer Chuan
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2016MANT01 Fatima Manthalkar
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2011BHAR01 Manasa Bharadwaj
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2010ENDA01 Endah
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2018INOU02 Gabriela Ayumi Inoue
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2013SUDH01 Vaishakh Sudhakar
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2013LIMA03 Sergio Silva de Lima
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2014TEJA03 Sri Tejaswi
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2018BHAT08 Ahmed Bhatti
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2012MERT02 Nate Mertz
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2014ZHAN33 Yue Zhang (张越)
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2014KHAN01 Abith Hussain Khan
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2005SUZU02 Shinpei Suzuki (鈴木信平)
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2014GUPT10 Udit Gupta
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2017SILV27 Samyra Antonelly Oliveira Silva
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2016BOUT04 Huda Boutiche
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2010PAKC01 Christine Pak
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2018SHIN03 Grigor Shinyan
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2016PATE13 Swara Patel
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2014SOMA04 Hithesh Somashekara
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2009LIXI05 Xinxian Li (李新贤)
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2011PAVA01 Nadiminti Pavan
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2009STRA01 Sarah Strano
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2017AGRA05 Harshit Agrawal
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2017LOPE46 Julia Lopez
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2011RAML01 Ramzali Ramli
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2005NEKM01 Murtanza Nek
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2018MACH08 Kauan Machado
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2014JADH02 Dinesh Jadhav
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2013ZHUX03 Xiaote Zhu
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2015BENN04 Hope Bennett
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2012JINY01 Yan Jin (金妍)
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2012SING03 David Singmaster
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2016KOLH01 Jayesh Kolhe
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2011RAJU01 Amul Durai Raju
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2009GOME02 Pablo Cebrián Gómez
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2012ANVE01 Dodda Anvesh
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2017VARM01 Mehul Varma
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2008SATH01 Roshan Sathya
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2005SING01 Pratap Singh
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2014BAWE01 Gurpreet Singh Baweja
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2015RADA01 Rafael Guedes Radaic
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2017GUPT44 Anand Gupta
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2016DHIV01 Priya Anbu Dhivyasri
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2016BOYA01 Gina Boyanowski
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2016MACE05 Felipe Leite Bastos Macedo
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2012KANG01 Ping Kang (康平)
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2014MENA01 Rakesh Menaria
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2015VITT01 Naveen Vitthal
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2003POUR01 Yasmara Pourrier
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2006OOUR01 Masato Ooura (大浦将翔)
View Masato Ooura (大浦将翔)'s WCA profile
2016MOHA02 Gopigan Mohananrajan
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2016SHAR07 Prasoon Sharma
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2013SWAM01 Srinivasa Swamy
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2008DASJ01 Jishnu Das
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2014LINY01 Yuchen Lin
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2013AISW01 Srivilli Bhuttu Susmitha Aiswarya
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2009LEEK01 Kevin Lee
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2013QING01 Guolei Qin (覃国雷)
View Guolei Qin (覃国雷)'s WCA profile
2009CARA01 Sara López Cara
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2009KURA02 Ritesh Kurapati
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2016GAJJ01 Rahul Gajjal
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2013BALU01 Ranjani Balu
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2010DEUS01 Alejandro Deusa Alhambra
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2009MARA02 Suhas Marathe
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2015PYDI01 Sai Reethi Pydi
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2018STUM02 Steffi Stumpos
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2015BELU02 Madhu Nagaraj Belur
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2011GAOY04 Yuanzhan Gao (高远瞻)
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2014BABU01 Suresh Babu
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2016GANG01 Himesh Gangrade
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2016JAVE01 Zoya Javeed
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2014RAME06 Avinash Ramesh
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2016LUIZ01 Lucas Ipolitó Luiz
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2010BREU01 Lea Breuer
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2009GUDA01 Chaitanya Gudapati
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2015BECI01 Renan Bandeira Fortes Becil
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2016HUAN54 Jialing Huang
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2005ASAO01 Toshio Asaoka (浅岡利雄)
View Toshio Asaoka (浅岡利雄)'s WCA profile
2014GUPT05 Jyoti Jayprakash Gupta
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2010KARW01 Shweta Karwa
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2009NATH01 Bhrigu Nath
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2013QASI02 Syed Qasin
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2013PARK08 Jun Park
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